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                            Jufeng Electrical insulation system Co., Ltd. is the only domestic electrical insulation system r & D and manufacturing company, mainly produces electromagnetic wire, insulation resin, mica products, anti-corona materials, composite materials, special paint, etc.At present, it has become a benchmark enterprise in the industry.The company's products are widely used in electric motors, electrical appliances, transformers, hydropower, wind power, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other fields.

                      The main products are:

                      Corona resistant enameled wire, high temperature resistant enameled wire, enameled wire of various specifications and wrapped wire;Jf-9956vpi resin for wind power, JF-9960VPI resin for high-speed train traction motors, power transformers

                      Jf-9952vpi resin, JF-9950 and JF-9955VPI resin for high voltage motor, jF-1056 water-soluble resin for environmental protection,

                      UL certified JF-9801(a) and JF-310(a) insulation resins, insulation resins of various specifications and temperature resistant grades;Corona resistant tape with less, high strength mica tape, various specifications of mica tape with more, medium and less mica;

                          Various specifications of corona-proof belt, corona-proof felt;DMD\FDMD\DMDM\NMN\NHN;Potting and casting adhesives for various purposes;All kinds of special paints.

                              All of the above products can meet the needs of customers with different technologies.Class B, F, H UL certified insulation systems, wind power, nuclear and high voltage motor insulation systems, and various types of electronic, power transformer insulation systems.

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