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                      Your Position: Home > Main Brand > Sika

                               Sika's sales network covers 101 countries and regions in the world, such as the United States, Britain, Germany, China, Japan and South Korea, with excellent quality and good reputation.

                              Relying on the strong retail system of Degao, there are 4 types of sealants, respectively :Sikasil C clean flavor mildew proof sealant, Sikasil A10 kitchen and bathroom mildew proof sealant, Sikasil G10 kitchen and bathroom easy-to-use sealant, Sikasil F10 clean flavor door and window sealant, and 3 types of adhesive adhesive, respectively: Sikaflex 11FC(Pro) polyurethane elastic adhesive, SikaBond NF free nail-free adhesive, SikaBond 107 convenient adhesive.The seven types of sika glue can effectively and conveniently solve the problems of sealing and bonding in the whole house. They are suitable for a variety of complex environments and can be easily constructed so that applicable products can be found in different dry and wet areas such as kitchen and bathroom, living room and balcony.

                              Sika gum features: Sika gum has the characteristics of lasting mildew-proof effect, clean taste, environmental protection, sealing waterproof, strong stain resistance, etc. It is suitable for most base materials such as stone, glass, metal, ceramic tile, aluminum profile, etc.If you want to stick glass, you can use 11FC adhesive, anti-deformation, anti-aging, good wear resistance, high tear strength;If sticking plastic, you can use Xica nail-free adhesive, which can replace nails to a certain extent. It has super adhesion and fixing force, fast curing and fast load bearing.Waterproof toilet with Sika C glue, high gloss, high elasticity, no blackening, yellow resistance, good weather resistance...

                                Switzerland Sika is involved in various major construction projects in China, such as the world-famous Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macau Bridge and the recently opened Beijing Daxing International Airport...

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