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                            Suzhou Industrial Jinshirui Insulating Material Co. Ltd is specialized in providing professional insulation field, located in Suzhou Industrial Park. We have good cooperation and business with  famous chamical companies, such as  EFI Polymers , STAR , EPOXIES , SIKA, Dow, AVX and Dow corning. We set up the strong supplier chain system in the insulating material and the special chemical product field that provides the integrated insulation solution and the technical support. Enhance customer product safety and reliability of the quality  of assurances, fast , accuracy and low cost purchasing management.

                      Main product:

                      Epoxy resin , PU, silicon potting materialsConform coating , varnish , waterbase painting , Rotor lacquer

                      Adhesive & Sealed glue, Cleaning thinner, Insulation Materials, EV-MOTOR insulating solution

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